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What is Profhilo?

🤩🤩An Award Winning Injectable Treatment! ⁠

❓What is Profhilo?⁠

A deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid that improves skin quality but boosting collagen and elastin in the body. ⁠

✅What is it good for?⁠

Profhilo gives ageing skin great texture and brightness by reducing crepey, sagging areas⁠

💉How is it different to fillers?⁠

Profhilo adds HYDRATION to provide radiant looking skin, whereas fillers add volume and reshaping!⁠

⏰What is the downtime?⁠

None! Scheduled at a time to suit you, patients may experience minimal redness and slight swelling. We also want you to be make-up free for at least 24hrs to give your skin a chance to breathe!⁠

✉️How do I find out more?⁠

Simply call or email below!⁠⁠

01494 854 053⁠

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