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Top 5 Winter Skin Care Tips

❄️5 Winter Skin Care Tips❄️

🌞Always Use SPF. Whilst the sun seems to have snuck away, those UVA rays are still around to age our skin. Use either sunscreen or a skincare product with SPF added with a high UVA rating all year round to protect your skin

💧Keep Hydrated. Skin can become drier with central heating on and cold, harsh winds outside. Keep on top of drinking water and use a gentle cream during these winter mouths

💋Protect your Lips. A sensitive areas of your face, chapped lips are a no-no! Keep your lips sealed with an effective and gentle ointment at all times

🙌Prevent dry, chapped hands. Another area difficult to keep hidden from harsh weather. Use a moisturiser throughout the day after every wash. I recommend a thick hand cream under gloves before going to bed to keep hands soft and crack-free

🧖‍♀️Consider Professional Skin Treatments. Winter is a great time for skin treatments. Take some time out to relax your mind, body and skin before the Christmas festivities get underway.

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